Thomas Cresswell - Stalking Jack the Ripper

Thomas Cresswell - Stalking Jack the Ripper

"Thomas tilted my chin up with a finger, his intent gaze setting my skin aflame. “I do love it when you speak so maliciously, Wadsworth. Gives my heart a bit of a rush.”

I can't help but adore Thomas Cresswell and I'm so happy I finally get to make a candle for him! He's so swoon-worthy and I went through lots of testing to make the perfect "Victorian gentleman" type scent!


Top - bergamot, lemon, aromatic
Middle - tobacco clove, anise, smoky, liquor
Bottom - sandalwood, patchouli, amber, amaretto

Current processing time is 4 weeks. Candles come in 10oz jars with matte black lids and crackling wood wicks. Wax will come in a dye-free, aesthetic, creamy white.