Remus Lupin - The Marauders - Wizarding Candle

Remus Lupin - The Marauders - Wizarding Candle

Remus Lupin is part of our new Marauders candle set. These candles are based off of Marauders era Moony, Padfoot & Prongs (no wormtail because who wants a candle for that trash rat anyways?) Remus smells like delicious chocolate, warm amber, and sandalwood! It's like a comforting hug in a candle. Don't forget about the other Marauders, Sirius & James!



Top - milk chocolate
Middle - amber, citrus
Bottom - vanilla, tonka, sandalwood

Current processing time is 4 weeks. Candles come in 10oz jars with matte black lids and crackling wood wicks. Wax will be come in a clean, aesthetic, creamy white.

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