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Shop Update

All open orders will be fulfilled. The hope is to have this completed by March. 

The long wait for the candles ordered is not something done on purpose. Many of you know Natalie personally, and you know if there was a way to get the candles to you all sooner or to refund you all, it would be done. This is also not something being done TO you, it is not personal. It is an unfortunate happenstance of tragic events.

Over 6 years in business and Alchemy & Ink has always delivered, that will not change now.

While you have every right to be upset, we ask that you please stop attacking and sending threats to Natalie and her husbands personal social media channels. You will get the orders you have paid for, there is no need for threats.

There is strength and grace in kindness. Yes, it is easier to be cruel and may give short satisfaction, but the truth of the matter is we truly cannot comprehend what others in this life may be going through.


Sending love and light to those who need it x