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UPDATE 6/1 - Just received word from the printing company that the label reprints have shipped today and should be here early next week!

UPDATE 5/22 - Bad news strikes again, I'm so sorry y'all. This box has been an absolute nightmare with delays and issues. As we were packaging the boxes this weekend and putting on the final labels on the candles, we noticed the labels were not even close to our standards. Unfortunately, the print company had put a few nice labels on top to make it look like they had done a good job, but 98% of them are unusable. I have attached a picture below to show you how terrible this print turned out. We haven't had any issues with this company in the past so I was not expecting this. We have rushed another print, with a different company, and they should be done in 5 business days. As soon as those are here we will stick them and ship them! Boxes will leave depending on when the labels arrive. If they arrive at the end of the week, we can finish packaging and send out the boxes this weekend. If they arrive early next week, we will have them packed and shipped by the end of May. Our sincerest apologies. We appreciate you sticking with us through this tough time.

UPDATE 4/27 - Cruel Intentions Candle Cult - We are so sorry for the delays we keep hitting with this box. Natalie is most likely going to have hip surgery after a major injury earlier this month. Unfortunately, that means our main candle maker is down for the count for a while. We are calling in reinforcements and plan to have this out in the next 2 weeks. Thank you so so much for your patience <3

After the Cruel Intentions Cult has been sent out, then we will get to work on packaging and sending out the Grishaverse cult! 

Please don't hesitate to reach out by emailing

Thank you all so much for your patience and patronage!