Mia Corvere - Nevernight Chronicles

Mia Corvere - Nevernight Chronicles

The last thing you will ever be, girl, is someone's hero.”

 Mia is the best assassin in the republic, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a sweet side. This is a sweet, sultry scent with a bit of spicy clove for Mia's favorite clove cigarillos. Anyways, Mia is my favorite and I would actually die for her.


Top - black raspberry, vanilla, clove
Middle - incense, dark tonka, bergamot
Bottom - cinnamon, plum musk

Current processing time is 4 weeks. Candles come in 10oz jars with matte black lids and crackling wood wicks. Wax will be come in a dye-free, aesthetic, creamy white.